About Joel Barish

Joel Barish is an adventurer who has visited 89 nations around the world in an effort to live as much of the Deaf experience as possible. Joel has discovered Deaf individuals in every corner and has shared thousands of unique stories with others with sign language videos and social media.


As the co-founder of DeafNation, Joel uses his platform to host two popular programs that are distributed widely via social media channels.


The first, the acclaimed No Barriers with Joel Barish is an inspiring, adventurous travelogue in Sign Language that allows viewers to join Joel as he tastes unique cuisine, meets inspirational Deaf business owners, and explains the significance of various landmarks he travels to. Notable episodes include going 6,500 feet under the earth to mine gold with a Deaf South African gold miner and hunting for survival while boating with Deaf native Inuit in Greenland.  


Joel is invested in supporting local Deaf communities in his travels and videos, working with local tourism offices to help increase awareness and accessibility for traveling Deaf individuals. In his travels, videos, and interactions with others, Joel emphasizes patronage of Deaf-owned businesses as well as businesses that are accessible for traveling Deaf individuals. The No Barriers with Joel Barish audience is highly engaged, and many follow in his footsteps, taking similar travel itineraries as seen in the show. Hundreds of shows have created a wonderful avenue for the signing community to learn about native Deaf communities in other places.


Coffee With Joel Barish is a talk show distributed on social media where Joel interviews notable Deaf people on a variety of topics. Joel’s guests include leaders, politicians, and individuals with interesting professions or experiences and covers topics that are interesting and relevant to the Deaf and signing community.


In his spare time, Joel enjoys cycling, photography, and spending time with his family.